Runny Noise is the result of the entanglement between travellers, musicians and sound engineers JB Juszczak and Romain Muller. United by their passion of sounds and music, they created an original project:
Runny Noise, world concrete music. Their approach to composition consists in using sounds recorded over a decade of travelling.
The recordings are then cut, enhanced and sculpted: this « sound spine” combining beatmaking and atmospheric tracks led on to a first live show in 2019 and a year later to a first studio album.

India, Nepal, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Greece, Thailand, the Cayman Islands, Austria, Switzerland, Portugal, Peru, Belgium, France, Poland, the Czech Republic, Turkey, Germany, Singapore, Morocco, Algeria, the Netherlands…
Runny Noise is inhabited by sounds from all around the world.

The listener stumbles upon women, men, and children: cooks, sawyers, engravers, weavers, grinders, quarriers, cheerful people, singers, weepers … But also hens, cats, monkeys, birds, insects, cities, rain, trains, boats, wind and fire, rivers, engines, snow…
Oscillating between world music and concrete music, tainted with hip-hop and folk songs, Runny Noise has been sculpted over years filled with encounters and discoveries to address several themes. As we listen, we tackle the human being and Nature, travelling, art or even spirituality.

To complete the musicians’ line-up, JB (sax & vocals) and Romain (mixing & real-time processing) called upon Adeline Dillenseger (flute & vocals) and Phillip Klawitter (double bass & rap) with whom they have taken part in numerous musical projects over the past years.

Then came Loïc Hollender to sprinkle the soundtrack with magic thanks to his fine lightings full of surprises.

Jean-François Pastor adds the finishing touches to the live part by lending his ears as musical artistic director.

Last but not least, with his work on artistic support, Jérôme Bernard contributes to making Runny Noise a contemporary, sensitive and heart-warming show.

The show is played in conjunction with the audience and mixed in surround sound for total immersion.
A true journey is shared and offered by these musicians.

The album “War Is Over“

A genuine sonic travel journal, this first album immerses the listener in a saga of countless sounds of the World.

From North to South, these collected ambient sounds catalyse a hypersensitive music where musicians answer the whisper of waves and shout in unison to a city undergoing construction.
The sounds blend in a concrete music type beatmaking with world and hip-hop accents, thus depicting the nomadic canvas of a contrasted and swarming macrocosm.
The memorable collaborations with Egyptian singer Hend Elrawy and Armenian multi-instrumentalist Arto Tuncboyaciyan bring out the dreamlike features of their compositions into a lucid dream between light and dark.

The team

Artistic direction – Composition – Saxophone – Guitar – Vocal

JB is a die-hard musician-traveller, constantly looking for new sounds, new atmospheres, which enrich himself musically and as a person. His path draws just as much on his Polish origins (awakening his ears from his earliest childhood), as on his education in several music schools.

« Music as universal language » is the motto that best describes his philosophy which comes from the many initiatory journeys that he has taken in Macedonia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, India and in Peru. Fascinated by the Balkan sonority, JB evolves within several bands playing this kind of music (Lubenica, Duna Orkestar), but he does not hesitate to experiment with modern music or jazz depending on the opportunities given to him (Quartet Lines, Sedna).

Artistic direction – Composition – Sound engineer

Romain is a sound and sounds enthusiast, relentlessly curious, he is a sound frequencies professional but Romain’s aim is to faithfully transpose the musicians’ feelings. For him, live sound engineering and in the studio are interconnected and cannot be treated
separately. On the one hand, during live performances, Romain feeds on the energy of the audience, the freshness, the ephemeral aspects, and the adrenaline, which are characteristic to those moments. On the other hand, while recording in studio, he sinks himself into a dimension of research and perfection by testing, searching, experimenting and playing with sound. In both cases, Romain perceives sound with the same sensibility as a photographer who offers a frame, colours, grain and this always according to the sensibility of the artists.

Between 2006 and 2009, Romain passed a double degree in electronics and in audio-visual.

Since 2009, he works for the biggest Eastern-French structures (Laiterie, Django Reinhardt, National Theatre of Strasbourg, The Percussions of Strasbourg, Pôle Sud, TAPS- Public Strasbourg Theatre, Musica festival).

Additionally, he ensures sound and technical management for the company Lagoona.
In parallel, Romain developed his own activities of recording and mixing for numerous bands (Rajery and Moussa Coulibaly; Franck Wolf and Mieko Miyasaki; Lubenica; Babanu quartet; Franko Mehrstein…)

He is the founder of the Studio NAC.

Flute – Vocal

Whether during a concert, with children or the elderly, Adeline is in constant research of the perfect relevance: the sung or spoken word, the feelings and the exchange. She sees music as a gift one offers. For her, music has to represent life: simple in it’s tempestuous complexity… Raised from a classic education in flute at Music Conservatory of Strasbourg, in 2009 Adeline starts to study traditional music and improvisation. At first, she is passionate about the music of the Balkans, in which she wins fame in particular with her accordion in the group Lubenica.

She meets the saxophonist Jean-Baptiste Jusczcak, and the sound engineer Romain Muller with whom she will share the adventure “Tombés dans l’oreille d’un son”, musical performance on surround soundtrack. In 2015, after a journey in Quebec, and numerous musical encounters, in particular with “Les Charbonniers de l’enfer”, she undertakes a work on traditional French music and creates the trio Æncre. Also musician with social ties, Adeline works since 2014 with the elderly in several healthcare facilities, and develops a repertoire filled with French songs of the 1940’s to the 60’s, which she plays on her accordion and her ukulele.

From 2015, her journeys, her music, and her encounters brought Adeline to tell stories, those who liven up the peoples of the world, and it’s quite naturally that she joined the storyteller collective Oralsace in 2017.

Double bass – Bass – Vocal

Phillip starts to play the double bass at a very young age at the Academy of Dijon where he will finish his DEM in classic double bass in 2009 under Christophe Béreau’s supervision. He pursues his studies at the Music Conservatory of Strasbourg in double bass jazz as well as the Musik-Akademie of Basel where he achieves his Master’s degree in “Performance jazz and production” in 2017.

Always in quest of a musical ideal that he finds in all musical styles, Phillip travels from style to style finding his pleasure in live performances always by looking for more connections, sometimes mystic, with music on an emotional level. This quest comes from a group effort, as a band, which works and plays together for the same purpose of research and communion.

At the moment on his personal musical path, Phillip works his classical and jazz double bass. He also experiments and composes electro-acoustic pieces, with samples of his double bass.

He also plays actively with Lubenica, Balkan-fusion band in Strasbourg, and Gina Été, a poetic post-pop French – Swiss band.

Light designer

Fascinated by audio-visual media since his earliest childhood, Loic turns very early around this environment, whether it’s for live performances, video or lighting until becoming a professional lighting engineer.

From secondary school, he works almost every weekend on various projects where he illuminates many cultural events.

He quickly learns through multiple collaborations that enable him to tour in several countries with music bands and lighting companies.


Runny Noise it’s also a team of passionate professionals who follow the project on many sides, and partner’s concert hall.

Compagnie Citar


Jeff Pastor

Live artistic direction

Les Dominicains

Cultural meeting centre, Rehearsal

Stork Mastering

360 audio record / 360 video

La prod’ à deux l’

Video / Direction / Pictures

Le Bistrot nomade



Concert hall / Rehearsal

Studio NAC

Recording / Mixing

Gauthier M.B. & Joseph K.


Le point d’eau

Concert hall / Rehearsal

Isabelle Sire


Wave event

Service provider / Lights

TAPS Scala

Concert hall / Rehearsal